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Our custom mobile application development services in East Austin help startups and SMEs design and build modern digital products. We develop hybrid apps for businesses targeting multiple platforms using the same Windows, iOS, and Android codebase. Our team creates multi-purpose cross-platform app designs with the industry’s best tools, including Flutter, React Native, Appcelerator, and more.

We work closely with our clients to understand their digital goals and performance expectations from mobile applications to develop the right product. Our pre-development phase is about gathering business and user insights, resulting in perfect UI/UX design for an interactive experience.

Each project at our mobile application development company in East Austin went through rigorous manual and automated testing, allowing us to deliver high-performing, secure, feature-rich mobile apps in line with your business needs. Whether you need an audit and improvement for existing apps, app modernization, or an entirely new product, Glezz Tech is here to help you at every step.

Types of Mobile Apps We Develop

Our mobile application development agency in East Austin offers full-cycle application development services with multi-domain expertise to build the best solution for your target audience.

Native App Development

Gain full power of your target platform with our native app development services. We build apps specifically for iOS and Android, ensuring optimal performance, seamless integration with device features, and an intuitive user experience.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

We develop apps that run on multiple platforms while maintaining a consistent user interface and experience. It’s a cost-effective way to reach a broader audience.

Progressive Web App

We create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that provide a native app-like experience while accessible on any device with a single codebase. Enjoy speed, installability, and cross-device compatibility with our PWA solutions.

Wearable & Embedded Software

Our wearable and embedded software development expertise allows you to extend your reach to smart devices and create unique user experiences.

Our Workflow Management Models

At Glezz Tech, we employ diverse project management models to streamline daily tasks, expedite processes, optimize costs, and alleviate time constraints. These models are instrumental in delivering excellence across our range of services.


Our Agile methodology underpins the core of our software development process. It enables us to respond swiftly to evolving project requirements. Agile encourages collaboration, adaptability, and client involvement, making it a prime choice for our custom software and mobile app development services. It ensures that we deliver solutions that meet dynamic business needs efficiently.


DevOps is used in our technology consultation and software maintenance services. This model allows us to integrate development and operations seamlessly, ensuring software applications’ continuous enhancement and optimization. It plays a key role in minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.


In cases where project requirements are well-defined from the outset, we employ the Waterfall model. This structured approach suits projects where stability and predictability are paramount. Waterfall is often utilized in our digital ads and web development services to ensure optimal Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and precise delivery of web platforms.


Scrum, a framework within Agile, is especially useful in app development and digital marketing. Its iterative approach and regular meetings facilitate adaptive development and quick responses to changing market dynamics. Scrum is the key to keeping your mobile apps and digital marketing campaigns aligned with shifting trends and customer preferences.

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